Nakladnik: ASQ
Autor: Kymal, Chad
Šifra: H1406
ISBN: 978-0-87389-807-2
Datum izdavanja: 2011-06
Uvez: Hardcover
(Poštarina nije u cijeni) $120,00

Auditing for effectiveness has always been an expectation of AS9101, but the reality is that most auditors focused in the past on process conformance to clause-based requirements without taking into account the process results. AS9101D has been revised to address performance in a manner never approached before and will challenge auditors to shift their auditing techniques to evaluate effectiveness of the system while placing a focus on customer satisfaction. This book is focused on internal auditing and guiding those professionals responsible for conducting implementation and setting up robust quality management systems that will withstand external audits against the AS9101D requirements. The book covers the history of the aerospace quality requirements, key changes to the AS9100C/AS9110/AS9120 standards, understanding audit trails, the readiness review and onsite audit, and corrective action and closeout activities. Kymal seeks to accomplish two overall goals in this book: first, to help aerospace organizations improve through effective audit practices, and second, to help auditors improve their overall auditing skills.

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