Nakladnik: ASQ
Autor: Borror, Connie M., editor
Šifra: H1340
ISBN: 978-0-87389-745-7
Datum izdavanja: 2008-11
Uvez: Hardcover
(Poštarina nije u cijeni) $174,00

This third edition provides the quality professional with an updated resource that exactly follows ASQ’s Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Body of Knowledge. Today it is not uncommon for the quality engineer to be involved in quality improvement activities in healthcare, finance, education, software applications, and other non-manufacturing sectors. In response, numerous new examples and illustrations that cover applications in some of these areas have been added. Key features of the third edition include:New and updated referencesExtensive revision of the statistical methods, complete with numerous updated examples and illustrationsOver 75 new glossary entriesThis handbook can be used in preparation for the CQE exam or as a reference text for professional development. When a complete description or discussion of a topic is beyond the scope of the handbook, useful references have been included for further reading. Quality engineers will find this book to be an indispensible addition to their libraries.

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