Nakladnik: ASQ
Autor: Russell, J.P.
Šifra: H1300
ISBN: 978-0-87389-710-5
Datum izdavanja: 2007-03
Uvez: Spiralbound
(Poštarina nije u cijeni) $37,00

This best-seller prepares auditors to conduct internal audits against quality, environmental, safety, and other audit criteria. This handy pocket guide covers all the steps necessary to complete an internal audit, from assignment to follow-up. New and updated chapters reflect new techniques to address vague requirements, more illustrations and examples, ISO 19011 thinking, and verification of auditee follow-up actions. This condensed, easy-to-read book is a valuable resource and great tool for training others on how to perform an internal audit. It is appropriate for those who have no prior knowledge of audit principles or techniques.

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